Status update
by Eilonna
Hey guys! Sorry for the two consecutive long hiatuses! I promise I am still alive and working on this comic. Here's where I am right now: the next few pages are mostly sketched, six more after that are COMPLETE (I spent most of last hiatus on those and they're pretty exciting!), and two more are partially sketched. So I don't exactly have a buffer, but at least it's something. For now, I am going back to a monthly update schedule - expect updates on the first of each month. I might slip up on the next one, but after that it's summer break so hopefully I'll be able to get more work done on this. I'm trying to stick to a very simple art style for this project, but I'm a huge perfectionist and draw very slowly, plus work and a jillion other projects have left me with little time to work on my precious comic. Thank you for being patient with me!
by Eilonna

Hey guys! I'm really, really excited to finally be starting this comic! I've never done anything of this scale before so we'll see how this goes. Comments/critiques would be greatly appreciated! As this comic is kind of experimental, page layout/art style/etc are subject to change.

In terms of update schedule, it's really hard to tell at this point. Once next semester hits, I probably won't have much time to draw new pages. I'll try to build up a buffer by then, but I doubt it'll be enough for me to update more than about once or twice a month. For now, you can expect new pages on the first of each month, and I'll try to put up more when I can. Once I get into the swing of this, I hope to have a weekly update schedule.

Happy New Year!